One Men and the Tree

Punk Bird

Snack Time

The Duck

Ready to landing

Nikon D4 Pro


Yoga Swan

Squirrel in the Rain

Moon will be red..

Love Couple

Acker in Felsberg

Walk in autumn

The Moon


Lago MaggioreTicino Switzerland

Beautiful Nature

Spider wait for food..

Moonlight Ruin

Slalom I

Slalom II

Balance Professor

tyre jump

Beautiful Nature

Beautiful evening sky over the Mountains

chilling in the sun

eye of the tiger

Siberian Tiger. Wonderful animal!

Please give it to me!

dangerous friendship

head of the eagle

Catch of the Day

Nikon professional

self shot



bambie makes a break

cute baby deer

Lai da Palpuogna

Der Palpuognasee (romanisch Lai da Palpuogna) ist ein See im Kanton Graub├╝nden in den schweizerischen Alpen. Er liegt auf 1'918 m ├╝. M The Palpuognasee (Romanesque Lai da Palpuogna) is a lake in the canton of Grisons in the Swiss Alps. It is situated on 1,918 m above sea level.

Snowy trail

Photographed at the end of my hike.

The Moon

Today (9.10.11) with a Nikon S9100 Compact Camera freehand (no tripod) shot. I'm always surprised from this camera. :-)